Small Businesses

We have worked with hundreds of small businesses. We have the expertise to be your business advisors, not just your tax preparer. Let us guide you in a variety of ways to make the very most of your hard work and assets

Tax Preparation

By preparing your return, we become familiar with your business and the issues you face. From there, we can help you with the questions you have throughout the year as you enter into each major transaction


With a special interest in 501c3 organizations, our team has the skill and the know-how to help your charity or non-profit organization maximize their donations and follow the appropriate reporting and tax guidelines

Tax Preparation & Accounting for Small Businesses Nationwide

Sherrell & Shelley CPAs is a Certified Public Accounting firm based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, focused on the tax and accounting needs of small businesses.

We have the experience to be your business advisor, not just your tax preparer. Large corporations have advisory boards to help ensure their success. Let us do the same for you!

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Tax preparation is the main reason business owners seek a CPA. But did you know, it's important to have a relationship with your CPA all year? This way you're first in line to take advantage of important programs and breaks (like the CARES ACT PPP loans during 2020).  

Meet Sherrell & Shelley!


50+ Years of Experience

Perry T Sherrell CPA and Pamela A Shelley, CPA have combined working experience over 50 years in the accounting fields. Their specialties include private and public accounting, tax management, audit support and individual, small business, and corporate tax preparation. Additionally, they have significant experience with non-profit organizations, and collectively serve on several non-profit boards helping to give back to the community with their strengths and knowledge.

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